About Us

Who we are.. And why we do what we do.

At Zee Bait Co. It is pretty simple, we bring together our passion for fishing, the latest technology and our desire for innovation in the soft plastic bait industry.

As avid fisherman our selves we constantly struggle trying to finding that RIGHT bait for the specific body of water and condition we are fishing. This is what has driven us to use our knowledge of fishing, nature and custom casting to create what the fish crave. Getting out of the manufacturing room and office everyday to fish is what we do to continually push the limits of our own innovations.


For the premium products we create, no ordinary premade molds available to the mass market could be used. Utilizing both traditional casting methods and 3D prototyping technologies our 2 man team is able to produce our own molds in house for prototyping. We specialize in creating baits that truly look like what the fish eat in their natural habitats with only slight adaptations in order to create aggressive strikez. Having baits that capitalize on bio mimicry we are able to minimize the excessive use of artificial or natural scents that the traditional soft plastic bait relies on. Our scents we produce are simplistic and none intrusive with regards to color and glitters. We found that our natural colored scents that are actually pungent work better then anything we had ever fished with. These custom baits are 100% made in America! 

Not every angler needs the top of the line plastics chemistry to catch fish and thats where the VITAL Series product line comes in. These are the shapes we all grew up fishing and we all know catch fish! The VITAL Series baits are the vital shapes we all know work time and time again. For many anglers these are their go-to baits and we are all for that! 

When two life long anglers come together with the idea of quality products that last longer and out fish anything on the market based on true fishing time on the water its clear where you as and angler should be getting your bait to enjoy your time on the water. We dare you to try our bait and experience what the true difference is when fishing made in America tournament grade products.