ArmA Craw™ Factory 2nds : 25 Count

MSRP: ¥2,300.49
Was: ¥2,300.49
Now: ¥1,209.94
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ArmA Craw Factory 2nds will come and go as our production facility has them. 

*Please note these are factory 2nds has have variation in color & general quality. When we inspect baits for packaging sometimes baits just do not make the cut these are the factory 2nds. These baits may have minor air bubbles, dents, missing appendages are other similar flaws that make the baits imperfect, but they are still certainly able to catch fish! We hope you enjoy super discounted rates on any off the 2nds baits you purchase.

* Photos shown are not factory 2nds

*Returns not acepted