Micro Wacky Rings (TWIG)

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The Twig is one of the most unique profile stick bait son the market so this called for a specific wacky ring/ Neko Ring! 

- For Use with The Twig 

- 50 count pack

- Will help The Twig with stand over 2 times as many fish while in use. 

Rig-It Tips:

- To get the rings on the twi wet your finger tips and the O-ring then carefully slide the ring onto The Twig from the slim tail side of the bait to the desired area on the body. 

- Rig The Twig with the ring just past the raised section on the body for MAX durability. 

- Suggested hooks is a 1/0 Drop shot hook from Trapper Tackle Hooks

- Suggested nail weight is 3/64oz Swagger Tackle Tungsten ( Remember The Twig is the most slim stick bait out there) 

- 5/16oz Screw lock shaky head (our Super Stand Ups do fit The Twig with careful rigging)