Zee Bait Co. has chosen to work hand in hand with our loyal fishing community to aid in the protection and care of open space for wild life! As lovers of the outdoors it is out duty to give and support the land we love and prosper from so that we are able to fish and enjoy the land for generations to come. With a growing community of anglers each and every day Zee Bait Co. is able to give back more then ever!

Zee Bait Co. aids in a national program of land conservation Natural Lands Trust they continue to make incredible moves to protect key areas of our surrounding wild life conserving thousands of acres of land and restoring it back to the way it once was. Currently, this effort is supported by the purchase of every bag in our White Label line of baits. Every bag sold gives back 2% to NLT to aid in the preservation of our great wildlife and open lands.


Reducing our environmental impact in 2023 and beyond!

In 2023 Zee Bait Co. will be releasing a new line of products that specifically reduce the footprint left behind by us producing baits. We now have the ability to produce some of our soft plastic baits with what used to be waste product but now will become new baits with out any loss of quality expected in the White Label line of baits. We are excited to be able to reuse this material and reduce how often we need to use virgin material. This is just one more step to Zee Bait Co. providing more Eco friendly practices in our manufacturing process.

One other way we are working to reduce our impact is by reducing our bag sizes while working to keep the same per pack quantity of baits in each pack. We are also working towards more sustainable plastic packaging that will reduce the time to package each bait and be made of a more recyclable material compared to traditional bait bag packaging.


Be sure to check out our recycle program to show how you can help build a more sustainable brand with us here at Zee Bait Co.!


Supporting the Fish & Boat Commission

Hunter Zee Bait Co's founder got to spend a day with the PA Fish & Boat Commission and other PA manufactures to see just how excise tax is used to protect and better our fisheries and parks. Every pack of bait sold goes to support federal fisheries, hatcheries, and bio labs to ensure our waterways stay healthy!