Who we are.. And why we do what we do.

Zee Bait Co. was started out of a garage in the summer of 2015 after a fishing trip in Maryland. 2 guys were simply tried of fishing with the same old bait that ripped fast and the fish had already seen. We knew absolutely nothing about making bait, but we knew how to wood carve and make some very crude molds. After testing the baits we had designed we sent samples across the country to college tournament anglers and other nationally ranked anglers. The response was far better then we could have hoped for. The materials we chose to use, the colors we developed and most of all the unique shapes we developed blew these anglers away and their friends started to ask where they too could get them. 

Early spring 2016, was when we first started to sell Zee Bait Co. products. We learned quick and are still learning today on best ways to develop the latest and most fish catching baits and tackle we can!

It is pretty simple, we bring together our passion for fishing, the latest technologies, and our desire for innovation in fishing lures that truly aid anglers from the local pond or river all the way to nationally ranked anglers stepping onto the podium!

How can you help us grow!

We still need your help to grow! Next time you are looking to out fish your friends, or take another step closer to that podium, we ask that you try our products. Our newest line of bait called White Label is what has proven to be what sets us apart. Custom plastic, durable bait a unique smell and truly custom shapes that the fish have never seen. 

Why our products are different.

The White Label products are what Zee Bait Co. is most known for. Recently, we fully overhauled this product line thanks to 3 years product refinement and new development since we started producing soft plastics. We have developed our own custom blend of plastic that has a phthalate free base (less toxic then traditionally bait plastics). We are proud to say we now produce all these baits in house in our new production shop in southeastern Pennsylvania. Every pack is hand inspected and packed by us. We set out to make a bait blend that was full of action and durability. Not many crawfish baits can catch 8-12 fish per bait, but we found out how to make that possible. It was important to keep our flagship product line in house and the bait made 100% in America!

Not every angler needs the top of the line plastics chemistry to catch fish and thats where the VITAL Series product line comes in. These are the shapes we all grew up fishing and we all know catch fish! The VITAL Series baits are the vital shapes we all know work time and time again. For many anglers these are their go-to baits and we are all for that! 

When two life long anglers come together with the idea of quality products that last longer and out fish anything on the market based on true fishing time on the water from anglers across the country its clear where you as an angler should be getting your bait to enjoy your time on the water. We dare you to try our bait and experience what the true difference is when fishing made in America tournament grade products. 

From pond to podium, from White Label to VITAL Series we know as anglers our selves you and those you fish with will enjoy the products we produce at Zee Bait Co. and we thank you for supporting us as anglers and innovators in our fast growing community in the fishing industry.