Bass Syrup

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Bass Syrup™ is made from pure concentrated oils and some special Zee Bait Co. additive for increased performance!
Some days bass are stubborn &need more aggressive scent to leave the swamp! This is the time for Bass Syrup™!
You have been warned! This liquid scent is eXtremely strong!
We suggest keeping these bottles upright when being stored.

3 Reviews

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    Bass Syrup - anise&garlic

    Posted by Daniel Billings on Apr 1st 2019

    Over the last two years I've used the anise&garlic Bass Syrup with great success. A few drops go a long way - good staying power. Thanks for a great product -it's the scent I have the most confidence with. Looking forward to trying the craw scent and the Vital Series beavers,tubes and X swimmers new for me this season - Great quality ! Thanks

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    Sweet Garlic is SWEET

    Posted by Jason Reid on Sep 12th 2018

    I believe in scents. I really like the applicator on the bottle (the nightcrawler scent looks like it has a different lid) it makes it easy to put a drop or two on your bait and not on your hands. I’ve caught fish right after putting this on, so I am a believer. I ordered the trifecta just to have more on hand, I’m almost done with my original bottle. Fish on, fish heads.

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    Bass Syrup

    Posted by John on Aug 27th 2018

    I used the crawfish scent. I added it to my bag of baits. Used about 10 drops. First trip out using this I caught 19.10 pounds in a U.S.A. Bassin tournament on Green River Lake in Kentucky. I feel this product helped in this as my parter did not have the same results until he started using my baits. Then his day turned around. Good product. I will purchase this again. I ordered the 3 pack so I could try several scents to see what I liked.