Kickstand Jig Head

Zee Bait Co.

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Kickstand Jig Head - 3/8 oz

- 2ct Pack

- LIVE eyes

- 5/0 Mustad Hook

- Light fiber weed guard


Designed to be an extremely versatile jig head, the Kickstand pairs phenomenally with nearly every style of soft plastics.

Built to maximize the “power finesse” fishing technique, the Kickstand performs like a hybrid between a swim jig and a stand-up shakey head. The unique head design is crafted with a streamlined nose and in-set eyelet for a smooth weedless retrieve, while the bottom of the jig is completely flat for that perfect “stand-up” presentation. Every detail of this jig has been intentionally designed for both form and function. For example, the gently rounded edges leading into the flat base allow the lure to rock to its flat surface and "Kickstand" your bait upright every time!