Neko Weight

Zee Bait Co.

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- 5ct pack

- Made in USA!

- Lead with screw lock

- Comes in three colors


Have you tried the Neko Rig?  Many anglers across the nation are waking up to this fish-catching phenomenon! The Japanese-inspired neko rig combines a wacky rigged soft plastic with a weight inserted into the nose of the bait, for a bottom-bouncing presentation that mimics a foraging baitfish or a swimming craw. We love this presentation so much, that we decided to introduce a weight designed specifically for the neko rig!

ThirdEye Neko Weights are sure to suit every angler's need. Designed with a built-in screw lock keeper, our Neko Weights stay put in your favorite soft plastic and never get lost, no matter what!  Not to mention, the powder-coated head sits perfectly against your soft plastic bait, so they blend seamlessly into your finesse presentation!  These weights pair perfectly with White Label products, and can even be screwed into both ends of a the Vital Series Sticks for extra wacky rig action!