VITAL Series 3.5" Salt Tubes

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The newest edition to our VITAL Series line of bait.

Bait Stats

Formula: VITAL Series

Pack Count: 10 Pieces!

: 3.5" (hand finished so core body length may vary from bait to bait)

Individual Bait Weight: Roughly 1/4oz

Rigging Technique: Tube jig, Drop shot, Weightless EWG, Split Shot Rig

Average hook size: 2/0 Gamakatsu G-Lock, 1/0-2/0 VMC EWG, 1/0 Trapper Tackle Hook (Suggestions based on individual preference)


Tubes are some of the most underrated baits in bass fishing, but are 

a very essential lure to learn how to use. They are effective nearly every 

day of the year, in every body of water. Enjoy our VITAL Series line as 

a way to get all your vital baits to catch fish in all the time!