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Neko Craw 

Originally by ThirdEye Fishing now sold & manufactured exclusively by Zee Bait Co. We will continue to maintain the same level of quality and improve as we continue to produce Neko Craws! 

- Special Engineered to Neko Rig fishing

- Unique body shape to hold O-ring and a screw lock Neko Weight in the tail the bait

- Scented with Zee Bait Co Anise Bass Syrup and Salted 

- Lifelike escape motion 

- Made in USA!

- 6 ct pack

- Pair it with our Neko Craw Rings ( or most 5" worm wacky rings) / and a spear point 2/0 or size 1 drop shot hook.

If you are someone who likes to fish Neko Style then this bait is the one for you! Presented perfectly around open water or light structure and even better in the early fall when the leaves start to cover the booth of the lakes. 

Be sure to watch the video below to see how unique the action is on this bait and why it has done great work for anglers!

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