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Originally called Dojo Ned by ThirdEye Fishing now sold & distributed exclusively by Zee Bait Co. 

- 3.25 inches long

- 10 ct pack

- Thicker body profile for increased casting distance and durability

- Salted and Scented with Bass Syrup Anise

- Made in USA!

The baby of the worm family WORM 3.25 delivers a powerful punch in everyones favorite NED size package! Whether you are looking to add some extra punch to the smaller wacky/neko rig, or downsize your shaky head, Texas rig, or drop-shot presentation, the WORM 3.25 flat out delivers! Featuring a thicker profile than your standard finesse worm, the WORM 3.25 has more weight in the same general size allowing you to cast it further even when weightless. A thicker worm also extends the life of each bait.

During days when the fish are more active, try giving the rod tip a firmer shake and watch as the tail "kicks" more aggressively, triggering territorial fish into a reaction strike.  You name it, and anything that a standard finesse worm can do, the Dojo Worm can do better.  Even the traditional "floating worm" presentation looks amazing on the Dojo Worm, as the bait darts back and forth on a weedless worm hook, resembling a hybrid between a fluke and a straight-tail worm.  If we can only have one soft plastic bait in the tackle box at a given time, it is guaranteed to be the Dojo Worm!