Samurai Swimmer 4.0

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Samurai Swimmer 4.0

Originally by ThirdEye Fishing now sold & distributed exclusively by Zee Bait Co.

- 5ct Pack

- Unique Sward Tail for increased sway action

- Unmatched wobble like no other paddle tail bait in it's class

- Scented with Bass Syrup


The Samurai Swimmer took months of testing by the designer to get the wobble just right. Featuring a 4-inch body from nose to paddle tail, followed by a 1 3/4-inch first of its kind "sword tail", you truly have to see the action of this swimbait to believe it (video below)! A traditional paddle tail swims side to side, causing the unique sword tail to slice back and forth like a Samurai warrior wielding a battle weapon! A medium/fast retrieve causes the sword tail to kick side to side in a fluid slithering motion. A slow retrieve while alternating between swimming and hopping across the bottom will imitate a bait fish foraging aggressively.  Try our custom-designed Kickstand Jigs to achieve this presentation even in cover with our Kickstand weed guard jig.

This swimbait also excels in more traditional techniques such as a belly-weighted swimbait hook, underspin, or as a trailer for spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and jigs. Try throwing the Samurai Swimmer on a chatterbait trailer, and increase the action with he power of the sward tail.  These swimbaits also excel on an Alabama (umbrella) rig during the colder months of the year.

Originally developed by ThirdEye Fishing now fueled by Zee Bait Co.

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